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Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC), is a State Corporation established by the Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation Act (Cap.330 of the Laws of the Republic of Uganda). It was a Government Printing department established in 1902 as a Government Printer. UPPC is an autonomous government corporation that handles both governmental and private sector printing and publishing. At UPPC, we offer to our clients high quality books printing and binding services at very competitive rates. Experienced man power, specialized machinery and support of our international clients help us to touch new horizons with our book printing services. Our printing capabilities include high quality offset one-to-four color text books printing services. We have complete in-house bindery for all kinds of books. UPPC has over the 100 years successfully carried out quality work for a wide spectrum of customers including Governments and the private sector. Some of the salient works include:

For Government of Uganda

For the Uganda Goverment, Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation has been handling the printing of all legislations and legal instruments, Government Policy statements, White Parliamentary papers, Cabinet papers and Parliamentary hansards, sensitive security documents, like ballot papers for the Electoral Commission of Uganda, examination papers for the Uganda National Examination Board, government log books, driving permits, death and birth certificates and budget documents. Additional to these are national text books, other books and publications, manuals, training materials and Teachers’ guides.

For the East African Community

For the East African Community, Uganda Printing and publishing corporation has handled the printing of legislations and legal instruments, governments policy statements, white parliamentary papers and parliamentary hansards, sensitive security documents, examination papers for schools. Text Books, other books, manuals, training materials and Teachers’ guides and the East African external tariff among other jobs.

Individual Authors

We have also handled large printing jobs for private publishers that write books. Among these are university professors, teachers, independent investors and business men.

Private Companies

Uganda Printing also boasts impeccable experience in the production of various forms of advertisement and promotional materials for private owned companies, magazines, newspapers, news letters, annual reports among others.

We take your print Job seriously!

We understand that your publication is very important to you and so we take your print job equaly seriously. We know that your time is very important and therefore we make good use of every hour, minute and second your print job stays with us to ensure timely delivery. Our production and publishing departments work around the clock, sometimes going beyond the usual working hours to ensure timely delivery of your publication. To better emphasise this business acumen, below are our core values;

Corporation Governance

The Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of eight members appointed by the minister for the Presidency Hon Esther Mbayo

The board of Directors

Vicent K Musubire - Board Chairperson

Edgar Agaba - Chairperson Corp Governance

Florence Otto - Chairperson Human Resource Management

John Lorot- Member Corporate Governance

Aisha Sanyu Kakaye - Member Human Resource Management

Bakibinga Godfrey - Member, Finance Investment and Marketing

Patrick Ibembe- Chairperson Finance Investment and Marketing

Thomas Matende - Member Corporate Governance



Senior Administrative Team

The team of amazing individuals that will not rest until they put a smile on your face

Mugerwa George - Acting Managing Director

Nuwagira George - Finance and Admin Manager

Owomuhangi Calebs - Internal Auditor

Wanyama Kodoli - Corporation Secretary

Client Testimonial

Since 2002, Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation has been successfully printing Inspectorate of government declaration of income, assets and liability forms.
The services of the corporation have been commendable
We therefore recoommend them in their bid to provide services to other entities.
Glory Ananun
Secretary Inspectorate of Government

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